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Travel: Hotel in Turkey


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Hello everyone! I just came back from our recent trip in Istanbul, Turkey 😀 (yeah i’m super duper happy, IKR!!). And because I’m happy and I know it hahaha! I would like to share to you our pleasant experience with the hotel we stayed in during our short stay in the city. The hotel was highly recommended by my good friend who previously stayed there. So here is my quick review of the hotel. Pretending this blog is tripadvisor.com hehehe…

We have spent our unforgettable four days in Erboy Hotel. It is not a luxury hotel but very well priced for the quality of rooms, amenities and delicious breakfast buffet. Also, the hotel is located near the historical areas in the city of Istanbul, just walking distance to the famous mosques, museums, shopping centers, restaurants and literally a minute away from main tram line.

Upon our arrival in the hotel, we were greeted by a friendly English-speaking hotel staff. They even gave us a city map and briefed us of the nearby attractions and how to get around. Every morning, we were invited to enjoy a delicious breakfast buffet. I guess this is what they call a Turkish breakfast which includes hard boiled eggs, sausages, potatoes, hams, variety of cereals, cheese, coffee, juice, milk, spring water, tea, bread and more bread! hehehe… the breakfast could’ve been more tempting if they had hot steamed rice or fried rice for an Asian like me and not to mention K-E-T-C-H-U-P hehehe… Yeah you read it right. Ketchup is missing!!! Even at Mcdonald’s. Hmmm maybe they implemented a NO KETCHUP policy in the city?? hehehe. If this is true, maybe Philippines should implement a “NO EXTRA RICE” policy too hahahaha, so we don’t need to import more rice from neighboring countries hahahaha (just saying!)
We are not luxury travelers. Overall, it was a great experience. Helpful and friendly staff, free pick-up from the airport (if staying three or more nights), wireless internet connection, clean and comfortable rooms with wall mounted TV – must watch ‘akilli tv’! hahaha so hilarious :D, super B location and great price. I would definitely recommend this hotel to everyone!

If given a chance to visit Istanbul again, we would definitely stay at ERBOY HOTEL!

For more information about the hotel, please visit www.erboyhotel.com

Childhood Books


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Books and the whole BATIBOT gang have always been a part of our lives.My mom taught me to read at an early age with payat na pamalo on the side hehehe. ‘Pag hindi ko mabasa ng maayos ang isang salita, paulit-ulit namin itong bibigkasin hanggang maiyak nalang ako sa inis at takot. Inis kasi paulit-ulit, nakakasawa at gusto ko ng manood ng Batibot. Takot, kasi hawak na ni nanay ang pamalo nya at sooner or later ipapalo na nya sa aking maliliit na kamay. Dumating din ung panahon na di na ako kailangan bantayang bumasa ni nanay. Natutunan ko din ang pagbabasa at intindihan ang binabasa. For sure proud na proud ang nanay ko that time, malaya na siya…malaya na siyang magbasa ng pocket books niya hehehe..

These were the books that made me cry (sa kakapalo ng nanay ko hahahaha)

“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.”— Frederick Douglass




Act Without Expectations


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Just thought i’d share this simple yet meaningful quote with you.

“Do a good deed and throw it into the sea. If the fish don’t appreciate it, the creator will”Try to live a life without expectations. Accept the reality as it is, appreciate it for what it is, move on and be happy.

About SEY


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I absolutely love books. But it doesn’t mean I love to read a lot. It’s just that I love the thought that they can take me anywhere in the universe. Love their smell. Love the creases on their spine. Always love paperbacks edition, as they are light and easy to carry around. I’m not a fan of ebooks, but I love to have an IPAD 😉

I am a shoe addict. “If you wear good shoes, they’ll take you to good places.”

I love to travel. I’m fortunate enough to travel quite a bit. Palawan is my next target. Choose Philippines because it’s more fun in the Philippines 😉

I’m too crazy over pastel colors!

I don’t have the most exciting life in the universe but I do have the craziest people, who drive me crazy, in love and happy.

I admit that I have a short-term memory loss. 

Few Days Down


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It’s a take-out weekend
It’s a fake-out smile and pretend
If nobody sees you cry
You can say it was raining outside

And all that you want
Is a few days down
All that you need
A little time to drown
It’s to be expected
With all the weight you carry ’round
All that you want is
A Few Days Down

It’s a short vacation
To a foreign nation
Oh, nothing familiar here
Just you and your lonesome heart complaining

I’m looking out
Ten stories high
And like a blanket lifted
The quiet night
The city finally waking up
To the morning light

Vintage ♥


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Instagram an illusion of creativity”

So happy talaga today, finally nakapag-install na ako ng INSTAGRAM app sa IPHONE KO! Happy!Yippee!Yehey!

Meet my new app! ♥♥♥ INSTAGRAM

Take your pick ☺

lomo-fi Filter

sutro Filter

toaster Filter

inkwell Filter

walden Filter

hefe Filter

apollo Filter

poprocket Filter

nashville Filter

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1977 Filter

lord kelvin Filter

Normal Filter

early bird Filter

good day ☺


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Let’s welcome March with a big smile 😀 Hello!Hello!

I was supposedly gonna bid goodbye to February last night here but I’ve gotten a little busy. Ok, so we’re a day late to say a few words to February, but better late than never, right?

We do know that February has long been regarded a month of romance. That’s because of Valentine’s Day, where most of the people in the world gave their warm greetings, gifts, hugs and kisses to their loved ones on that day. But there were some occasions that made the February remarkable too. For us Filipinos, we celebrated the 25th EDSA PEOPLE POWER REVOLUTION, the so-called “Bloodless Revolution”. On the other part of the world, people of Egypt, for the first time in their history, they celebrated the historic victory and independence of their mother land. At the height of these victories, New Zealand had their shocking moments when their country was hit by an earthquake, where a number of people died and some still missing. And in Libya, the protesters are still out and still being attacked.

Hay, how I wish we can have a ‘perfect month’ totally zero bad news. But I guess that’s impossible. Good and bad things happens, whether we like it or not.

Month of February may have gone too soon but life must go on no matter what.

So today is another day and this is the first day of March.

I took a cab this morning to go the office. I used to say “good morning” to cab drivers. Some responds back some not [nuts]. But this morning, the spell of that magic word works. The cab driver was so nice, he said “good morning too” to me with a smile 😀 and he even offered me his breakfast. It was a juice with mixed fruit flavor. But I declined the offer politely and thanked him with a smile 😀 He then offered me a candy, I wanted to say no but I thought he might felt bad if I say no again, so I grabbed the candy roll and took one. To my surprise, he wants me to take not one but the whole candy roll. We had a little chit-chat in that less than 10 minutes drive. He said that he go to church with Filipino friends even he is a Muslim. “I do respect their religion as they do respect mine”, those were his words. 

Thank you Manong Driver!

Wow! May God and Allah bless you my friend 😀

Have a nice day ahead everyone!

Just for fun!


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Bakit ang eroplanong may elesi nakakalipad eh bakit ang electric fan hindi?

–       Kasi ang electric fan may Kordon!


This made my day talaga! Hanggang ngayon tawa pa rin ako ng tawa dito. Hahahaha!!!

Imagine kung lilipad ang electric fan sa ere na may cord! hahaha

Sumakit na ‘yung tyan ko sa kakatawa. Ang babaw ko talaga!super! hahahah

‘Yan ang tinatawag na mga Pilosopong tanong gaya nito: 

  • Bakit ang barko lumulutang sa dagat, bakit ang piso hindi?

              –  Kasi pag lumubog ang barko, submarine na ‘yun!

  • Bakit may ibang shorts na mahahaba?
  • Bakit pwedeng gamitin ang a.m radio pag gabi?
  • Pwede bang bumili ng happy meal ang malungkot na tao?
  • Bakit pwedeng uminom ng soft-drinks during coffee break?

Kung may alam pa kayo share nyo naman sa akin. Trip ko lang mag laugh out loud ngayon 😉

And feel free to answer those pilosopong tanong too 😀 Have fun!

Kahapon naman ang trip ko i-exercise ang utak ko. Inubos ko ang oras ko sa kakasagot ng IQ TEST ONLINE.Sumakit ang ulo ko and mukhang naduling ako sa kakasagot hahaha. Pero worth it naman kasi Nalaman ko na kunti palang pala ang kalawang ng utak ko hehehe


Exercise your mind


It’s your turn to shine! Lolz

Oh Try naman natin this time ang LATERAL THINKING RIDDLES

Try to answer the following: (opps ‘wag mandaya, bawal mag-search sa google, bawal din magtanong sa katabi hahaha)


There was a crime scene in a condo unit. A man was shot through the head. He was holding a gun on his hand and a tape recorder on the other. The detective who was on the scene immediately pressed the play button on the recorder. The voice said “I’m tired of this life! *BANG!*”

True enough, it was the voice of the victim. But the detective confidently said that this was a case of murder and not suicide.

Can you explain why this was murder?


A man and his son are in a car accident. The father dies on the scene,

but the child is rushed to the hospital. When he arrives the surgeon says,

“I can’t operate on this boy, he is my son!”

How could this be?


A man went to a party and drank some of the punch. He then left early.

Everyone else at the party who drank the punch subsequently died of poisoning.

Why did the man not die?


Isip-isip!Goodluck! 😀